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Accommodations  by private:


2 rooms, single: 49€/night, double room: 59€/2 people

Kim Hagedorn

Amtsgasse 8

Weinheim downtown

Mobile: 0171-2606283

1 single room, 25€/ night

Gerda Hofmann

Main Street 155

Weinheim downtown

Mobile 1: 0176-61702649

Mobile 2: 0176-62579091


3 rooms,  between 20-25€/single, 36-44€/double room

Breakfast included

Helga Spring

Gabelsbergerstrasse 19

Weinheim East

Phone: 06201-68295

15 Rooms, single room 25€/night, double room 32-44€/2 people

Carola Pohle

Main Street 231

Gorxheimertal (not far from Weinheim)

Phone: 06201-4722040

Mobile: 0162-9243381

Holiday apartments and hotels:


Apartments 30-60 square meters, 1-6 people, from €55/night

Wolfgang Verheyen

Stadtmuehlgasse 5

Weinheim downtown

Phone: 06201-184340

Mobile: 0151-58102273

Hotel Golden Plow

Single room €65/night, double room €90/night, including breakfast

Please refer to Jamila Pumm (small price reduction)

Stark family

Obertorstrasse 5/Am Marktplatz

Weinheim downtown

Phone: 06201-90280

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