"Yoga of Bliss" June 2021!

This year it´s Portugal!

Beloved Yogis and Yoginis
and anyone else, who wants to take part!

During the last two Yoga of Bliss holidays we enjoyed Turkeys wonderful scenery, but this year, after intensive research, I´ve found something amazing in Portugal - not for nothing is it´s name "Paradise in Portugal". It really does do what it says in the tin.

Paradise of Portugal


The dates for Yoga of Bliss are the seven nights from 24th May to 30th inclusive and you can stay longer if you´d like - and if you book early enough! Space is limited to 10 participants for the week, but there´s space for non-participatory partners and it´s such a magical place that even non-practicing partners will enjoy themselves here.

The Daily Routine will be as follows:

  8:00 –   9:30       Yoga  (get in swing of things)

10:00 – 11:00       Breakfast

11:00 – 18:00       Leisure Time.... Yoga of Being

18:00 – 19:30       Meditative Yin-Yoga (Cooling,                                                     Stretching, Energizing)

19:30                     A wonderful Dinner


Includes Extras

- one 20 minute  Neck Massage


- Tandava (Meditational Dance)  of Kashmir under the night


- Canoes and SUPs anytime during the week

Excluded Available Extras

A special offer for those, who appreciate it:

Mila´s Special, a Whole Body Contact: Nourishing and calming, reliefing and sometimes vibrational

Andrea Taucher ´s Body Therapy

Daniela´s Shiatsu

Cost in Euros per Person

Yoga of Bliss

360 €



Double or Twin Room

504 €

Single Room

812 €


Family Suite 2 people

588 €


Family Suite 3 people

497 €


Family Suite 4 people

448 €


Though it´s certainly an advantage to have a degree of body, mind, psyche understanding and the ability to reflect on the inner movements of your body and soul, everyone and anyone is invited to dive into this Week of Bliss! Soul searching and understanding of oneself can sometimes take one to places that are discomforting before one surrenders into one´s endless enjoyment of Bliss, but the journey is as necessary as the end result is enjoyable, and I look forward to welcoming you on your own personal search this summer.

For any questions feel free to write me an email to:



From my heart to yours,   


© 2017 by Jamila Annapurna Pumm.

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