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Yoga Weinheim Meditation

Yoga = inner research?


The pursuit of happiness is inherent in man. We all have clear or diffuse ideas about what would make us happy people. Then we throw ourselves full of vigor as young blood into the floods of life and try to make the best of it. Some actually achieve their "happy goals", others supposedly fail. Whether it came out victorious or loser, the difference is not very significant. Those who have reached their goal may experience that this "happiness" is short-lived, or there is still an inner pull and

Yin Yoga, Meditation, Buteyko, Mindfulness, Weinheim, Jamila Pumm

longing remains. The other will perhaps blame the world, his parents or himself for his "unhappiness".  He also feels the inner lack, this vacuum feeling of inner emptiness and meaninglessness, the immense longing for this state of which he does not know what it actually is.

One has read oneself and perhaps also understood intellectually that happiness can be found in the now. Even advertising uses these statements to link their products to them as an identification feature. Everything is already there, you just have to be quiet. It is not to be found on the outside, but in oneself... But how do you find the gateway to the now? How to slip through the gap so that one can actually dwell in it? How to break out of the merry-go-round of thoughts and come into physical presence?

People who have already discovered the urge to explore know that once the beginning has been made, it only goes in one direction like an avalanche. There is no going back. The attraction of the source, where the answers lie, where the questions stop and thoughts, feelings and body can finally relax because the state of "arriving" shows itself, is unique. Deep down in your heart you already know how it feels to be "at home". At the latest when this condition occurs spontaneously, it is clear: "That's exactly what I've been looking for the whole time!"

With my work inyoga of beingI would like to provide a place in my classes and seminars where you can   get involved with these questions and encounters. There are innumerable techniques, schools and aspects that all lead to the same source. Here you have the opportunity to train your awareness of body happiness, breathing space and mental clarity...with ease and depth...Maybe  just the right thing for you!

Yoga Weinheim
Weinheim, Rhein-Neckar
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