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Yoga Retreat Türkei
Meditation in Weinheim

Voices from the yoga courses:



Yoga is good for my body and soul. Jamila is sensitive, empathetic and gives me a good body feeling.

Christiane (hobby yogini with passion)

Jamila's yoga class on Wednesday evenings has been a fixed date in my calendar for 4 years now. I work full-time, commute daily and also work part-time. So it happens again and again that in the middle of the week I don't even know where I can get the strength for the second half of the week, especially when there are also private burdens. I'm often so tense that - unsurprisingly - it has a physical effect: My shoulder and neck area hurts, my whole back, my stomach hurts and my head turns and turns, sometimes really up and down in the middle of the night by. 

When I arrive at Jamila's, I manage to let go of everything and just be there in the initial relaxation - now almost effortlessly. I'm looking forward to "my rendezvous with myself".

During the subsequent breathing exercises, such as alternating breathing, I learned to concentrate exclusively on my breath and to follow my own rhythm. What a beautiful experience!
The sun salutation that follows gives me new energy, space and the feeling of being "stitched" from head to toe :), which the subsequent asanas reinforce. I  particularly like the focus of the lesson, which Jamila sets according to the wishes of the group. These are varied and range from “something for a headache” to “something to stretch the hip flexor” to “something for a toothache”. But also the focus lessons chosen by Jamila, such as “Kidneys” or “Awaken the goddess within you” are very enriching. The Yin hours are also very popular.
And when the end approaches after 1.5 hours and the final relaxation begins, it often happens that I nod off and am glad to have come "ready for bed". With enough strength for the second half of the week, I then go home and, quite often, go straight to my bed and say good night to my head.
At this point I would just like to say thank you, dear Jamila, thank you for the last few years, for your inspiration, for making my life richer and for the fact that you exist!


Great, pleasant atmosphere, with candles and incense sticks. Jamila responds to the participants and caters to their needs.

The positions are explained well and in detail. Everyone is valuable!! Jamila makes you feel good about yourself.


Beautiful yoga classes, great beginning and ending stages as Jamila has a pleasant voice and can also adapt to the mood of the group. She can correct positions without making you feel corrected! ☺

I also find the mantras that Jamila sometimes sings for us to be very beautiful. Not only are exercises done quickly, she always explains briefly what they do to you. Nice hour and a half to stop in the whirl of everyday life and find yourself!


I am very happy that I found Jamila. For 35 years I have been intensively involved with yoga, tantrism and meditation, but Jamila's female approach, especially Yin Yoga, constantly inspires me and enriches my own practice. She conveys yoga from the abundance of deep personal experience.


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