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The Women's Year - a great collaboration between Yoga of Being andYoga at the castle park

spezielle Massage Weinheim

Mila's Special: a mixture of acupressure, gentle touch and wellness

Massage Ritual Weinheim

The massage ritual
into the bliss of deep bliss

Massage completely different
Immerse yourself in your very own body happiness

Massage very different. Enjoy your time out as letting yourself go...two sensitive, alert hands will accompany you slowly on your very own journey in which you will get rid of all physical and mental limitations. Let your body cells vibrate!

My first experiences of soothing touch go back to my childhood. I remember exactly how my head rested on Grandma's lap and she happily scratched my scalp with her long fingernails. Or my siblings and I carefully climbed onto our parents' backs to carefully knead their backs with our weight... Over the years, a real massage tradition developed in our family, which is given at every family celebration when we come together again from all directions come, eagerly resumed! The typical "Wemmsche" grip (family Wemmje), where the fingers simply feel by themselves where the body would like to be touched more gently or firmly, is used humorously for one or the other anecdote.

So I'm very familiar with the deeply nurturing quality of touch.

Bring what?

openness, curiosity


What massage offers are there?

Mila's Special:

It is worked on a mat in order to get into a safe nest warmth through physical contact. Warm oil and, if desired, some background music are used, but the offer can also be enjoyed in silence.


Annapurna's massage ritual

A few years ago I immersed myself in a new meditative massage practice, which brought a completely new dimension into play for me...Masseur and massaged person are connected, breath and massage combine the energies, despite very gentle touches, chronic cramps in the tissue are released. ..a massage can become meditation for two.

The effects and the pleasure of this technique are so fundamentally different from all types of massage I have come across that you can no longer really call it a massage.

I have chosen to go down the path of offering this form of meditation and touch to special people who are sensitive enough to absorb the full range of depth of this practice. Not for everyone!

A 3-4 hour ritual for the vitality of your body with conversation, yin yoga, instatic dance and a special ancient meditation/massage technique, which leads you deep into security and great acceptance. (I reserve the right to decide whether the massage ritual   is suitable, or whether it requires appropriate preparation.)
Booking request by email

Jamila's Destiny

Do you long for sensitive touch in exchange? Would you like to feel and build a deep connection to yourself and your counterpart through your hands and skin, but don't know how to do it? You have already enjoyed my massages and want to learn to give in the same way?

In protected and loving togetherness you have the opportunity to learn the art of touch with me. Similar to the massage ritual, a space of the finest togetherness is created here, which makes it possible to create and circulate a common energy cycle - to bathe in the highest and deepest bliss of spiritual touch and to linger in instasis.

Booking request by email

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