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Tanz wie Nebelschwaden
Tandava Tanz mit dem Raum

Move into the unknown

Tandava -

move into the unknown

now in Weinheim

Can our body become equal to space?

The yoga practice of the yoginis from Kashmir takes you into a flowing body feeling of space and stillness, security and presence.

This flowing yoga practice is like a dance, which in its incredible discovery of slowness leads to the point of contact between movement and stillness, the absolute and the relative. Surrendered in this state, the space dances the body, the limbs lift effortlessly. The continuous flow of breath and body remind each cell of its very own spatiality. Every movement is born of the moment. Appearing out of nowhere. Plunging back into nothingness.

A wonderfully feminine and powerful path that lets the body tissue breathe a sigh of relief and releases old emotional memories into the room in a sigh.

Once a month we meet in an open group to practice together.

Anyone who not only wants to discover this form of yoga but also wants to learn it profoundly should attend the seminars of my teacher Daniel Odier.


Shakti Dance