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Warum Buteyko bei Jamila Pumm ein Gewinn ist
participant votes


My health has improved significantly since the course. I haven't been taking any bronchodilator sprays since last summer, only cortisone sprays. My peak flow value stayed the same. Although the hazel pollen is now flying again, I have not noticed any asthma symptoms so far. The coughing fits I had last spring haven't happened yet, as has the hoarse voice and shortness of breath. I can sleep well (always tape my mouth shut at night) and I'm not so electrified anymore. I am also
more efficient and have less neck tension and headaches. I am grateful that I found out about the Buteyko Method and that I
could do the course.


I feel more vital, have the feeling that my metabolism works better and I have fewer headaches.


Nele, 10 years

I'm not always so full of air and I don't always have to pant like that. I sleep much better and calmer.


Five months ago I took part in the Buteyko course with pleasure. In the meantime, I have completely switched to nasal breathing (also when speaking and doing sports) and am experiencing a number of pleasant changes: My intake phenomenon has improved significantly, my general well-being has also increased, I feel calmer and more relaxed, my gait has improved decelerated and straightened up. I no longer snore with my mouth taped shut and experience my sleep as more restful and even with "high-frequency" sports I can manage well with nasal breathing. I'm glad I did the Buteyko course.

Mira (speech therapist)

I found the structure of the seminar very good: alternating between theory and practical exercises. Many new insights that have led to a more detailed examination of one's own previous ways of thinking and acting. Flexibility and understanding of the wishes or limitations of the participants. Space for personal discussions or the exchange of personal experiences (in "real life" and during the exercises).

Stefanie (speech therapist)

It was a relaxed atmosphere. I felt very comfortable and directed my initial claim: something new and good for my patients - also to myself. That was very good for my body, my mind and my well-being. I made new experiences and got ideas and suggestions for practice with my patients


Jamila is an empathetic and elegant teacher with a wide spectrum, who is not fazed by many questions. Thank you for the good course!


  • First of all, I really enjoyed the weekend. Man (n) has the feeling that you live what you say and that has done really well.

  • I really liked the connection between yoga and the Buteyko.

  • I also found the restaurant and the exchange at lunch very beneficial.

  • I found the organization in advance and the information given to the participants to be very well organized, and I also liked the responsiveness.

  • The connection with the orthodontic practice suits me very well.


It was an inspiring seminar in the truest sense. Thank you very much. The diversity of the  breathing techniques (the game of breathing) to playfully integrate into my life was particularly helpful for me. The personal, individual feedback for each participant really helps to find your "flow". My expectations were exceeded. My spirit of discovery on the subject of breathing has been awakened. Thank you for your work dear Jamila!

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