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Buteyko Schlafapnoe Weinheim
fed up?

Do you often open your mouth during your everyday activities or when you are out and about? Is that feeling of not getting enough air through your nose familiar? Do you sometimes feel tight in your chest? Do you snore or does your mouth feel very dry in the morning?

Anyone who keeps their mouth open at all times can sooner or later face serious health problems. Our civilized life, characterized by pressure, stress, too little time and a lot of leisure activities can take your breath away - or at least the healthy breathing pattern!

Many people can be observed in everyday life, whose mouth is open all the time. Poor sleep, snoring, dark circles under the eyes or concentration problems are often associated with it. Mouth breathing can be the cause of a number of health problems, such as recurring colds, polyps, ear problems, sleep apnea and snoring, allergies, hyperventilation, poor concentration, poor performance, even anxiety and panic attacks, etc.

Target im Yoga of breath is the restoration of a calm, even flow of breath through the nose, because that is the best prerequisite for your health!

Buteyko Schlafapnoe Weinheim

Historical background of Buteyko

Originally, the breathing method according to Dr. Konstantin P. Buteyko emerged to treat asthma patients. Rather by accident, the Russian doctor came to the conclusion that the asthma attacks had something to do with the breathing pattern. After years of research, he finally developed a simple exercise system that can be used to treat asthma and many other diseases such as allergies, snoring, sleep apnea, difficulty falling asleep, concentration disorders and low performance with great success. In his breathing method, Buteyko also took up elements from yoga's breathing theory and combined them with his own observations and insights

Buteyko's knowledge only became accessible to Europeans in the 1990s. However, the method is still relatively unknown in Germany. Since 2008, the Buteyko Method has been recognized as the most effective complementary method in the treatment of asthma in the UK. This statement ensures that the Buteyko method is also increasingly accepted among doctors and scientists in Germany. According to the "National Asthma Supply Guideline" (sponsors: the German Medical Association, the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and the Working Group of Scientific Medical Societies), the Buteyko method is singled out as the only respiratory physiotherapeutic method for which "several studies have demonstrated a benefit in the form of a reduction in symptoms and the use of bronchodilators " would. The statement is supported by 6 studies.

Buteyko Schlafapnoe Weinheim

What does Yoga of Breath do?

Yoga of breath is the combination of the knowledge of the ancient yoga tradition mixed with the research and experience of the doctor Dr. Buteyko from Russia. With the Buteyko method, a healthy breathing pattern can be regained. Buteyko's teaching is about gradually reducing the flow of air with a relaxed breathing pause after exhaling. First of all, the tidal volume is minimized simply by switching from mouth to nasal breathing. However, it is also possible to cause the stress symptoms listed above with strained nasal breathing.

Then the breath gradually relaxes.

The same principle is also conveyed in the yoga tradition. The flow of energy is harmonized again through body work and then a reduction in the respiratory volume is caused by body relaxation and breathing control . In addition, you train in strenuous moments in everyday life, such as doing sports or climbing stairs, to maintain nasal breathing without getting out of breath.  These small exercises can all be easily integrated into everyday life and are therefore very practical .

If you follow the exercise path intensively and consistently, you will notice fewer complaints. It is therefore possible to reduce the intake of medication, for example for asthma, or even to become completely free of it.

Schnarchen Buteyko Weinheim

Learning to breathe differently requires intensive support

The switch to nasal breathing is not easy in severe cases and must therefore be done gradually.

As part of a weekend course, they will have the opportunity to learn how to breathe correctly with intensive support and to learn important background information about breathing behavior in the body. Practicing at home every day makes it easier to make the transition and get a feel for the right way to exercise. After several weeks of practice, we will discuss the experiences over the phone.

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Of course, I also offer individual coaching live or via Skype. Please contact me to find a suitable date!

If you want a course especially for children, please just contact me - we will find a date together!

There is also the possibility for children to use this method as part of a mykie therapy to promote health and get straight teeth at the same time. You can find out more at

following page:

mykie therapy practice Dr. Freudenberg


at the10/21/22hold at 20:00Oxygen AdvantageInstructor Sebastian and I in theMovement Gymin Weinheim an information evening on the subject of respiratory health and sport. You're welcome. Entry costs €15. registrationhere


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completedMedical historyas soon as possible after

seminar contribution

The seminar fee is 380 €.

This includes a 13-hour seminar, a telephone follow-up discussion, a script as a reference work to take home, Leucopor patches, fruit and sweets, and tea and water for the breaks.


Bring what?

Comfortable clothing for yoga, pen and paper for your own notes, if you have a pulse oximeter and a stopwatch (mobile phone). Yoga mats and blankets are provided.


When where?

There are currently no workshops planned. You want me for your event? Feel free to contact me. We will set up a program tailored to your needs!

I'm looking forward to a research weekend
around the breath with you!


If you want to learn more about Buteyko, please read on
www. after. delivers
extensive information and is interesting for all families who want to have their children treated holistically orthodontic. Or you can try it right away
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